Commonly we perform these actions manually. There are selfclosing mechanisms on the market but we could not call them exactly »smart«. Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten your windows opened? It would be nice to remotely close them. Can you imagine to control all your windows via aplication and open them in the morning to ventilate the rooms and than close them right from the office? Nothing impossible.

To act smart we need electric network and two main components. A gateway to which all devices are connected via wire or wireless network. For example TV, fridge, stove and other kitchen appliances, heating, ventilation, lighting system, shades and also windows and doors. Gateway allows comunication and coordination between all these devices.

Expanded usage of network that goes from virtual world to devices – in physical world – and communication between them and network is called internet of things (IoT). It’s main task is to gather great amounts of data in real time with a help of sensors and to exchange the data beteween connected devices.

Window can be upgraded into smart window with the installation of automatic hinge system and additional sensors. Sensors measure different inner and outer parameters that are cruicial in creating comfortable living environment. It also sends data to the gateway where data is effectively analysed and interpreted and by that – specific window action is demanded (e.g. changing the window position). Smart window can be connected with other additional equipment (e.g. shades, blinds, insect screens…) that increase living comfort with its automated behaviour even more. There are great possibilities to connect smart windows with other smart systems in smart house such as heating, lighting, video – control system and so on.

Smart home management has several advantages. First is definitely energy efficiency. Energy costs can decrease annual household budget for 15% as well. The second benefit is increased living comfort. Many actions can be manipulated from smart phones or even with remote control via internet connection. Third, with smart systems applied the increased level of building security is gained due to sensor control.