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We recommend the incorporation of hidden frames

We do not begin with the installation of windows until all construction works have been completed. This way we prevent the windows to get damaged and avoid cleaning after masonry works. A building is thoroughly dried before we start with the window installation process. A hidden frame provides additional insulation of jambs on the outside. In turn, this enables energy savings and contributes to less environmental damage. The lead times for the manufacture of hidden frames are short thus allowing the masonry works to run smoothly. It is also possible to install hidden frame windows without trimsHidden frames are recommended in particular when a client opts for windows made of larchwood.

The sealing tape at the wall-window joint is hardly visible.

RAL installation

Window installation in accordance with the RAL guidelines ensures that windows seal better and prevent the formation of thermal bridges. This way less heat gets dissipated and what is even more important, no condensation and mould is formed inside the joint which in most severe cases can also spread on the construction. The RAL installation in itself will not suffice if other parts of the house are not sufficiently insulated and as such cause too much heat to be dissipated. Therefore, RAL installation is recommended for all energy efficient new developments that comply with regulations on thermal protection of buildings currently in force. RAL installation is mandatory for energy-efficient and passive houses.

Window care

Wooden surfaces on the inside will look good and will last longer if you use a handy set of cleaning and care products which you can order from us. The set includes a wood cleaner, care balm and repair varnish.

Set of care products

Information for use and maintenance

All M SORA products (windows, doors, blinds, sills and associated components) are high-quality products. To preserve the quality, durability and perfection of products as well as to protect people against injuries it is imperative to consistently comply with the Use and maintenance instructions.