With regular execution of ventilation we are providing suitable humidity and indoor air quality level inside the room. Living and using the room usually rises the levels of humidity and air pollution in the room. Due to the absence of ventilation or its unsuitability, mould could appear on one side and the general wellbeing of habitants can decline on the other.

Mould and high humidity level in the room are more sensible in comparison with the low air quality. We are aware of it when we already feel its consequences – for example headache, irritating eyes and respiratory difficulties. The maintenance of suitable conditions is crucial also in the time of absence of users so that the building emissions and other harmfulnesses are removed.

For automatic behaviour of windows they need to be equipped with position sensor that detects the window state and motor driven hardware that automatically opens the windows. Inside the room there needs to be an indoor sensor unit that detects the parameters of indoor air quality, humidity level and temperature in specific room. To compare the inside and outside weather conditions there must be also a sensor unit installed outside the building. Connected with all mentioned sensor units window is capable of automatic behavour based on analysed data and demands given via mobile app.

Fig 1: Scheme of the connectivity and data exchange

User sets the desired level of humidity and indoor air quality inside the app. Based on the selected values the management system automatically performs opening or closing of the windows to maintain the parameters on constant levels.

Imagine you can remotely open or close the windows directly from your office and return home in a freshly ventilated apartment, or take a long vacation without worrying to deal with mould when returning back home.

We also cannot ignore the big potential of the machine learning and big data analysis. With the information from gathered data, personalised intelligent window behaviour models can be developed to adapt the user’s lifestyle, routine, needs and demands, that offer special user experience to every single customer.