Bojan Mrežar / 2021

The house with living zones at the level of the terrain and service zones below it makes good use of the hillside. The part above the ground is made entirely of a wooden construction and clad with a wooden sliding, which is treated with a special agent that accelerates the greying of wood, thus achieving a permanently uniform colour of the wood from the very beginning.  Locally sourced spruce and fir wood and clay plasters in the interior give the building an additional sustainable value. (Foto: Miran Kambič)

Our products are included in the project

Nature Optimo

The NATURE OPTIMO wooden window is hallmarked by an optimal combination between high thermal efficiency, intriguing looks and affordable price.

Profile dimensions

installation depth

93 mm

visible width

107 mm

Thermal insulation of the window (Uw)

Ug = 0,7

0,92 W/m²K

Ug = 0,6

0,84 W/m²K

Ug = 0,5

0,75 W/m²K