Arhitektura 2211, Bine Tekavec / 2021

The hotel has been designed in such a manner to make the most of its admissible dimensions. A split-level design and well-thought-out floor plans made it possible to arrange for 18 hotel rooms of which two suites with a loggia and two self-catering apartments with a loggia in the attic. Service rooms are in the basement, while on the ground floor, which is public, there are a semi-underground reception desk and a café with a garden. The canopy of the surrounding trees and the visible wooden construction elements of the villas in the Rožna Valley were the inspiration for the design of the siding. (Photo: Miran Kambič)

Our products are included in the project

Comfort Optimo XLS

The COMFORT OPTIMO XLS wood-aluminium window has clear lines that go extremely well with contemporary design. An alignment between the frame and casement gives this window a particular trendy look. Its thicker profile, however, makes this window thermally more efficient.

Profile dimensions

installation depth

95 mm

visible width

104 mm

Thermal insulation of the window (Uw)

Ug = 0,7

0,95 W/m²K

Ug = 0,6

0,86 W/m²K

Ug = 0,5

0,78 W/m²K